Security and Confidentiality is an Acun Medya Global A.Ş. service. 

This text has been prepared to inform you about information security and explain the liabilities and the rules to comply with. 

You can visit our Web site at the intervals you desire, without sharing your personal information. When you visit our Web site, we shall provide your personal information only with your knowledge. Your personal information recorded by us with your knowledge will be preserved by 

Your name and surname, mail address, date of birth, gender, phone number, e-mail address will only be recorded when you provide them on our Web site. 

In order to ensure information security, you must not share your password with anyone. 

In case the said message is not encrypted in your e-mail communication, the security of the message cannot be guaranteed and you will be responsible for the security of the messages you send.  

We can provide links to our Websites which are not operated by, on our Web site. If you visit any of these Websites, you must review the confidentiality policy and other policies of that website. We would like to specify that is not responsible for the policies and applications of other companies. 

CONFIDENTIALITY users share their personal information with in order to receive services. retains users’ personal information only to provide certain services, advertisement on the website, according to the desire of users and inform them of new services. users can change their personal information while they are visiting the Web site. This information can be changed only by the user. 
The activity of users, such as  clicked domains and sections visited by the users during their view of the website, is being automatically recorded. Such data is used for the purpose of determining the rate of view and following of sections and various domains. Similarly, the “cookie” technology, which determines how pages have been visited, is also used to collect statistical data for the determination of the hit and view rates of various sections of the website and is not specific to any person. The purpose of the use of this technology is to facilitate the access of the user to the frequently visited sections as from the first visit to the website.

In order to increase the quality of the content provided to users and to ensure direct Access to certain services, upon the user’s approval, the geographical location will be recorded and can be used. 

In case users post erroneous and non-updated information to the web site or in case of doubt about whether the information is correct and up to date, shall be entitled to suspend or cease the supply of services. has the right to disclose information on users, in the following cases: 

1. The user provided the authorization to share its personal information has been obtained, 2. For the determination of user profiles to be used by Exatlon COM and Acun Medya Global, 3. Development, supply of products and services requested by the user from and Acun Medya Global, or the settlement of problems related to the supplied services and means, 4. For use of the products and services supplied to the user, by other firms with which it cooperates, 5. During legal investigations, by virtue of court decisions or legal proceedings. 


Acun Medya Global shall not be liable for any loss incurred by users due to the use of their personal information under the conditions specified above. 

In e-mail correspondences, if the message is not encrypted, the security of the message cannot be guaranteed and is responsible for the security of e-mails to be sent. users can publish their views on the content of the website as ‘comments’. The responsibility of viewposted by users belongs to the user, shall not be liable in that regard . Web site users represent and warrant that with regards to the personal information found in the contents and information and/or contents related to the private life of persons, the required authorization has been obtained from the said persons, and that they will not use in the website contents any information which infringes the personal rights, confidentiality right or publication rights of others or information protected by other property rights and all kinds of intellectual and industrial property rights. web site users will not post on the website any content which constitute a crime, require legal proceedings, create or encourage a situation which is contrary to local or international laws, including all kinds and forms of transmission; no illegal, threatening, disturbing contents, contents which include violence, terror, insult, foul words or defamation, contents which are humiliating, rude, pornographic, annoying, contents which include threat, harassment and insult, or contents which are contrary to ethics, social order, contents which can cause prejudice to the private life of persons and/or institutions, their personality and other rights, and that they will not load/publish any message or content which will disturb members, in public domains or private message domains. The publication of these contents by Acun Medya Global will not imply that will be liable for  the contents which are illegal or violate the rights of third persons. reserves its  right to change, refuse to publish or remove all kinds of information and materials which create or encourage a situation of crime, are threatening, include insults and foul words, are humiliating, pornographic, disturbing or contrary to ethics, discriminatory in terms of gender and race, and the right to suspend and terminate the membership of users acting in this way. web site users will not transmit any content, software or any other material containing a virus or other harmful element to the web site. web site users will avoid behavior which will lead to unfair competition, will undermine commercial reputation and will not reproduce the content of the web site. web site users will not prevent other users from using the web site or from using it as they desire. 

It is prohibited to use comment domains as advertisement channel of other websites or commercial goods and services. can change its confidentiality policy and we recommend a regular review of the related pages. 

Those who benefit from our services and the web site are considered as having read and approved all these conditions. reserves its right to change the explanations provided above, without prior notice.

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